“Welcome Beauty, banish fear.”

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“But the woman came to them, She spoke softly, in whispers, but her voice carried across the mountain ranges like sleeping giants, the cities lit like fairies and the oceans-undulating mermaids. Her fingers were branches and her eyes were little blue planets, She said, You cannot hide forever, though you may try. I’ve seen you in the ocean, in the garden. I’ve seen the things you have sewn — curtains of dawn, twilight blankets and dresses for the sisters like a garden of stars. I have heard the stories you tell. You are the one who transforms, who creates. You will go out into the world and show others. They will feel less alone because of you, they will feel understood, unburdened by you, awakened by you, freed of guilt and shame and sorrow. But to share with them you must go out you must not hide, you must dance and it will be hard, you must face jealousy and sometimes rage and desire and love which can hurt most of all because of what can then be taken away.” @FrancescaLiaBlock

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